Why Join Quantum?


British owned and run Quantum has been an established player in the Dubai property market since 2007. As Dubai’s leading boutique agency, we have mastered where many have fallen short, at the very core of all our strengths lies our two most important values.

Retention and training. In many ways, they both go hand in hand however retaining our brokers has become the key driving force to our success, and our success means our brokers making money.

We believe in quality over quantity, we believe in maximizing the potential gains for each individual through training, experience and the freedom to capitalize on their allocated areas without trying to add more brokers. With this formula alone, our sales team are making more per head than any of our competitors.

If brokers are making money they stay, the longer they stay the more experienced they get, the more experienced they become the more money they make. Retention of brokers really is key.

Never the less all is lost without the right training. We have a 3 day elite inhouse training program to get all new starters regardless of experience up to scratch as quickly as possible. Once the 3 days are over your line managers will be at hand every step of the way to ensure you the best possible chance in your career at Quantum Real Estate.

Fortunately, it doesn’t stop there, all our employees also benefit from a fun and vibrant office atmosphere with incentives galore to keep motivation levels constantly at a high.


Below are some more highlighted points to on what to expect

Uncapped Source of Income – With 0 tax on income and up to 55% commission on every deal sky is literally the limit when it comes to potential earnings. How much you take home each month is up top you.

Dynamic and Target Driven Environment – The right office environment is key to keeping motivation levels up and staff retention high. We use carefully selected targets as our bench mark for ongoing success along with creative incentives to keep that all-important office buzz.

Innovative ongoing incentives – At Quantum keeping our staff hungry and motivated is vital to achieving our goals. We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to incentivize.

Holidays, cash prizes, weekend breaks and team event are all to be expected

Ongoing Training and Support – With over 15 years experience in selling real estate our strategy to funnel down knowledge has been vital for our success. We have created a formula that allows us to employ and successfully train candidates with all levels of experience.

Training and support is ongoing throughout your career at Quantum with a 3-day intensive training course when you start.

No Real Estate Experience Necessary – Raw talent can be found from all walks of life and we pride ourselves on employing where we see potential and not always experience.

If you believe you have what it takes, maybe it’s time for a big change.

Employee Testimonials

I’ve been with Quantum since I left Glasgow 3 years ago. The key to success in this business is knowing your clients and knowing your product. You also need to be determined and thick skinned as you will get plenty of knock backs as have we all.

Stephanie Johnston Corporate Leasing Broker

I moved from the UK to work for Quantum 2 years ago. I started in leasing and worked my up to sales. To succeed in this game, you need a positive attitude, not to be afraid of hard work, good people skills and always happy to go that extra mile to get a deal closed.

Natalie White Senior Sales Broker

I’ve been in Dubai the last 3.5 years and I’m now a well-established broker selling properties on the Palm Jumeirah. Hard work, determination and self-motivation all go without saying but one key attribute that can’t be missed is knowing the product you are selling inside out.

Ricky Wolf Senior Sales Broker

I’m Quantum’s latest recruit working in luxury sales. I’m currently in my third month and managed to make 13,000 pounds in month 2. My advice would be to seize every opportunity and leave no stone unturned. Never forget
your goals.

Sharif Najib Luxury Sales Broker

I moved from Wales to work for Quantum over 1 year ago and joined the leasing team. My advice would be to listen and learn from management and their training. Pay as much attention as you can to those who are succeeding and always keep focused on what you came here to achieve.

Shaheen Emami Corporate Leasing Broker

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